Q. Can your shower rods be cut down?

A. Yes, they can be reduced to the size required using a pipe cutter. Please make sure to take into consideration the overall width of the opening and the two shower rod supports.

Q. Can the towel bars be cut down?

A. Yes, most of our towel rails can be cut down (with the exception of our Nova and Sensis collections) by loosening the set screw and removing the back plate. This will expose the interior hole in the upright. Using the long end of the supplied Allen key, loosen the interior set screw found at the base of the post and remove the rail from the post. Cut the rail to the desired length using a pipe cutter and reverse the process to continue the installation.

Q. Do you offer a towel bar that can be mounted on a shower door or glass partition?

A. Yes, our model numbers 67549, 67550 and 67579 are designed to mount onto glass, through exiting holes, or new holes made prior to tempering. The towel rail is adjustable, and is available as a single towel rail with decorative caps, a single towel rail with one decorative cap and one hook, or a double towel rail (one on each side of the glass)

Q. Are your grab bars ADA compliant?

A. Yes

Q. Are your lights UL approved?

A. Yes

Q. Do you offer custom alterations of your existing accessories, i.e. an extra shelf glass shelf, a wider hotel rack, etc.?

A. A great deal of consideration has gone into our designs, but we do understand that the need can arise to alter an accessory to fit a particular space. Although we are limited to what we can alter, having our own factory gives us the flexibility to consider it.

Q. As a retail customer can I buy direct?

A. No. We only sell through our retailers and e-commerce partners.