MAP Policy

Advertised pricing on all Valsan bathroom accessories and lighting must not exceed a discount of more than 25% off of our current retail price list. Any information relating to Valsan products in any media, including but not limited to printed advertisements, promotional mailers, catalogs, faxes, radio, television and electronic media, including web sites, is considered to be advertising for the purpose of this policy. Specifically in regard to web sites, additional discounts may not be offered at check out, or at any time during the viewing process, if the additional discount results in a purchase price that is below 25% of our current list price.

Showrooms and authorized dealers of Valsan products may sell our products at any price they wish. This policy only concerns advertised prices and does not relate to the actual selling price of any item. Any previous authorizations and agreements, both verbal and written, to sell Valsan products, will be considered null and void should the minimum advertised price policy not be adhered to.

We appreciated the tremendous support and opportunity all of you have given us in growing the Valsan brand in America. This policy is meant to protect our brand, as well as your investment in Valsan and will be strictly enforced.